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Dr. Andrew Storfer


School of Biological Science Washington State University


Dr. Storfer has been fascinated by biological diversity and how life forms have evolved since childhood. He got his B.S. degree with a double major in Biology and Philosophy from Binghamton University. He then worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a year as a field biologist. From there, he went to the University of Kentucky to pursue a PhD with Andy Sih and studied the effects of gene flow on local adaptation among populations of the streamside salamander. It was then that he focused on using molecular genetic tools for understanding mechanisms of evolution. Next, as a Maytag postdoctoral associate at Arizona State University with Dr. Jim Collins, Dr. Storfer developed a keen interest in understanding the mechanistic basis of host-pathogen coevolution while working on salamanders and an emerging ranavirus.

Since 2001, he has been a professor at Washington State University and is generally interested in understanding mechanisms that generate spatial patterns of genetic diversity. He has developed methods in landscape genetics and currently applies tools in landscape genomics, population genomics and functional genomics to understand amphibian population genetic structure and coevolution. His main study system is Tasmanian devils and facial tumor disease, a transmissible cancer. He is currently expanding his study focus to include implications of the Tasmanian devil cancer for human cancer.


  1. 1991

    BS Biology

    Binghamton University
  2. 1997

    PhD Biology

    University of Kentucky
  3. 1997- 1999

    Postdoctoral Associate

    Arizona State University
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